Personal explorations around various themes

Touch Hunger 

Falling into desire can be an act of beauty,
if done elegantly or, may we say, sensually.
The quest for beauty is the aim of all desire,
in everyday life, in philosophy,
and in artistic endeavor.


This audiovisual piece is an ode to the sensuality of eating, to human
beauty, an invitation to interact with food differently and explore it in playful sensuality,
acknowledging its voluptuous life.
This is a call to embrace desire for what it is:
a positive force of evolution rooted deep within the body and the mind.

Full video here

The Seed
Of Time

From an observation of
GG-loop And  A Collaboration With Elephants & Volcanoes

Full video here

Cinematography /Film Direction

The Fiction of Reality

            Distinction between reality and fiction?

VICE  especial de fotografía 2016 with a selection from my photographic story about a Mennonite family in Bolivia. 

El Choco

y el Pescado Bien pescado.

PESCADO BIEN PESCADO from No water for whales on Vimeo.

And Documentary

(Re)Shaping Colombia from No water for whales on Vimeo.

& Advertising


A Comercial Film directed by me  inspired by The Wait, The 
Of Time,  The Theather and Bogota City 

Link Here